Company Overview

Company Overview


Greetings from the Repersentative

Greetings from the Repersentative

Thank you for visiting the website of TY.tec Co. TY.tec Co., Ltd. is a general manufacturing company based in Kuze-gun, Kyoto, Japan, that seeks the ideal form for its products.

We believe in Japanese manufacturing tradition and technology, and are ready to face any challenge. We are committed to producing quality products that are recognized both domestically and internationally through our commitment to "Made In Japan". For TY.tec Corporation, the word "impossible" does not exist, and we are constantly searching for new possibilities. As a professional metalworking company, we are ready to respond to a variety of requests, so please feel free to contact us.

TY.tec Corporation
President and Representative Director :
Yamamura Takenori

Corporate Philosophy

As serial innovators, we will carve out the future, respect our comrades, and realize the building of a circle of mutual growth together.

We will do our utmost to ensure quality, price, and delivery, and realize a company that satisfies our customers with trustworthy and reliable technology.

We aim to be a company where highly skilled and passionate craftsmen always look one step ahead.



Thorough quality control
at each process
Manufacturing and



Automation and
People Sharing

Delivery time


Shortest possible


Interviews and
special features

Interviewed by Masters, a monthly magazine,
for the article "A Company is a Person".

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A feature article on our company's president
was published in “Human and Soul~”

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Feature article was published in Sankei

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We were featured in Japan's Pride of
Business Awards.

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Company Overview

Company Name.

TY.tec Corporation


[Kyoto Head Office]

405-1 Morimura Higashi, Kumiyama-cho, Kuze-gun, Kyoto



FAX 075-874-7995

[Second Factory]

45 Sasayama Shinkaichi, Kumiyama-cho, Kuze-gun, Kyoto



FAX 0774-34-1118

[Third Factory]

57, Mori 3-chome, Kumiyama-cho, Kuze-gun, Kyoto


January 2021

Representative Director

Representative Director
Yamamura Takenori

Board of Directors and Executive Officers

Chairman of the Board Mitsuo Yamamura
Executive Director Takafumi Yano

Legal Advisor

Kensei Sogo Law Office Hara Moeno


Nakayama Satoshi Taxation Office
Satoshi Nakayama


Makoto Shiroyuki Shirodo, Administrative Scribe
Makiyuki Shirodo
Social Insurance Laborer's Office
Tokudaira Katsumasa

Correspondent Banks

Kyoto Bank Kumiyama-cho Branch
Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank Kumiyama Branch
Kyoto Shinkin Bank Kumiyama Branch

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